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Friday, February 13, 2009

Seminole Bat (Lasiurus seminolus)

With the wonderful help of Leigh Stuemke, I went out into the wilderness of East Texas and photographed seminole bats. Like so many bats, there are many mysteries about the life habits of seminole bats, but they are beautiful animals with striking features.



It was a warm and humid evening with fireflies and frogs. A cottonmouth was curled up next to the pond where we set-up the gear. This was only a few days after hurricane Ike devastated Galveston, and we had to navigate around downed trees to make our way into the Stephen F Austin Experimental forest.

I can only wonder how such a small creature could survive a monster storm, tucked into some small crevice, or under the bark of a swaying tree.


Bats are quick and lovely, and I never fail to be amazed by them.

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