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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Angry Rattler

I first spotted this rattlesnake in a horse pasture when it startled a horse – the horse then made a brief effort to stomp it to death, but wisely moved away. Then a house cat ran out from garden and began to harrass the thing. The snake went from angry to furious, and began striking at the cat – which was just quick enough to avoid getting tagged.

The snake took refuge under a rock fence brace, and I put the camera on an extension arm which was just able to fit into the hidey hole. I could see nothing, but I could hear the angry snake take offense at the intrusion. I used a remote trigger to quickly crank off a few frames and then left it in peace. Here is one of frames. The camera was outfitted with a superwide lens, so the snake is just inches from the lens.

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Kevin Allman said...

What an incredible image. Liked the story, too.

I just found your blog and am now going to review the whole thing...your photography is wonderful.

OregonWild said...



Amadeus said...

Not bad for shooting it blind. Really a wonderful shot. Sounds like a great story to go along with the picture as well.


...Kat said...

nice photo

I am glad the horse and cat stayed safe....
and the snake too.

I enjoy (to varying degrees) my own snake encounters

Anonymous said...
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