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Monday, December 03, 2007

Tree Farm Color

The storms currently pounding Oregon and Washington have blasted off the remaining fall leaves giving trees the bare look of Winter. Just a few weeks ago however, I was captivated by the fall leaves at a hybrid poplar tree farm.


These are fast growing trees that are ideal for paper production. If they are processed quickly, the produce a brilliant paper with minimal bleaching.



matt_stansberry said...

These are pretty awesome. Are these the same trees I've seen along I84?

OregonWild said...


I spotted these on my way up to Coleville, Washington. The exact location eludes me however.

Bpaul said...

Love that top photo, so surreal. The trees look so natural, and then -- in masse -- so unnatural LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michael, I love these photo's - BD

landscaping trees said...

They are lovely.

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