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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Learning By Failure

I have been doing this kind of work long enough to know better. It seems like a sure-fire, can't miss photo opportunity. And then, It doesn't work out quite like I imagined.

In this particular instance, I was primarily defeated by weather. The elk carcass mentioned in the previous post was certainly attracting predators, as this wet and bedraggled red-tailed hawk can attest to.


However, the buckets of water falling from the sky combined with high winds meant that water was finding its way into bits of equipment that it normally doesn't. Nothing was damaged, and these camera systems have survived pretty harsh weather before - but several connecting cords were shorted out by water, and a flash sync cable was disconnected by the swaying of tree limbs during high gusts of wind.

Is too bad because there were several nocturnal visitors to the elk, but the cameras recorded black frames. bummer.

I need to re-think my cord and connector arrangement.

When the system failed, it made a last gasp by recording an image in the middle of a nocturnal rain shower.


Please forgive the morbidity of the subject.

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