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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knocked Down

I made a silent pledge to myself that this section of my website would be updated everyday for at least a year. It is an exercise in discipline as well as an excuse to show some of my latest images.

The last few days have really knocked me off my feet, as I have been forced to deal with an unexpected medical problem. I am okay, but feeling a lot of pain. The details are beyond boring, but I should be back in action in a week or less. Full recovery is expected.

It does offer a moment to appreciate my (usually) good health - something I try not to take for granted.


Bpaul said...

Your fans support you.

Or at least I do.


OregonWild said...

Thanks Bpaul, Its hard to be immobilized just as the weather around here is getting better.

Smitty said...

Get Well Soon!

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