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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Dollar Lake Complex Fire - Time-lapse

Forest fires are frightening things. But this experiment in time-lapse and fire turned out to be mesmerising. This fire, unlike other fires around the country, has not threatened homes or lives. It is burning primarily in wilderness, but many beetle killed trees are fueling a hot fire that moves quickly.

Dollar Lake complex fire in the Mount Hood National Forest.


Krista Swan said...

That is just spectacularly beautiful ~ and scary at the same time!

cliff said...

fantastic, my favorite is of Mt Hood in the evening showing the stars and night sky. What was the time lapse set for on pics per ? the timing was perfect. Want to try that with my camera on Mt St Helens with the moon or stars but not sure on how many pics per minute to get the same speed of the star movement, it was so smooth..

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