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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Desert Millipede (Orthoporus ornatus)

Sleeping outside in Anza-Borrego State Park in California, I woke to find several of these millipede's out and about all around my sleeping bag. When disturbed, they curl up into a little spiral - a shape I love.

Desert Millipede (Orthoporus ornatus)
Desert Millipede (Orthoporus ornatus)


Bpaul said...

I will mention again, I love the volume of photos nowadays. Thanks for putting in the work. Look forward to every new post.


Kyle Strauss said...

Gotta agree with BPaul. I enjoy checking your site and finding such consistent great work.

OregonWild said...

BPaul and Kyle - thanks for the encouraging words. I made it a goal this year to post a photo a day. Its not always easy, but it is fun.



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