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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Texas Leech

Leeches are not popular for good reason. They are soft bodied little parasites that will attach themselves to you by whatever sneaky means available. They are ugly too.

So why post a photo of a leech?

Bear with me. If you can get past the unpleasant natural history of this particular leech – I think you might agree that it is at minimum "interesting looking". In fact, I think the pattern is quite remarkable.

aquatic leech
aquatic leech

I have been to part of Asia where terrestrial leeches find their way into your clothing, into your bed, and into the shower. I watched one leech wriggle its way through the eyelet of my boot once, and I knew that later, when I removed my boot, there would be an ugly brown leech engorged with blood stuck on my foot. Believe me, i'm no fan.

But I can appreciate a successful evolutionary strategy when I see one.

aquatic leech in various stages of locomotion

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