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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chinese Mantid

In my earlier post, I wrote about the rain and how I had been waiting for the salmon runs to begin, especially on the Smith River. But now the rain has flooded most of the coastal rivers, and I have been staying warm and dry in my office. Editing.

Current image folder: Chinese Mantid, or praying mantis. These can be found in Oregon every year, but they are not native. They were imported from China around 1896, and have flourished in the eastern part of the US. Many gardeners in the Northwest order chiniese mantids to control garden pests.

They grow quite large – five inches long. Some mantids can fly, others cannot. Chinese mantids can burst into flight which can be quite surprising, since when their wings are folded away, it is hard to see that they have wings at all.


Cindy said...

Great photos!! I love mantids. I especially like that flying shot. I've never seen a photo like that.

OregonWild said...

Thanks Cindy, the high-speed action shots are tough to get, but really fascinating when successful.

...Kat said...

Yes! Great photo and thanks to Cindy's link I got to enjoy it :-)

My nephew transplanted himself to Oregon and Loves It! Beautiful scenery for sure. I think I will clue him in to your blog Mr Oregonwild as he loves to take photographs himself.

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