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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Curlleaf Fetish

I have a thing for a shrub. There is something about the mountain mahogany tree (also known as curlleaf mahogany, or Cercocarpus ledifolius) that I find irresistable. These trees always seem like sensuous sculptures to me. I have seen them in various places, never in any great numbers, around Oregon - and they always draw my attention with their graceful curves.

These two images I photographed at The Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge near Plush.

This last Spring, while working on a cougar project, I camped on a high ridge on Eden Bench near Troy. There was a little gallery of mountain mahogany, and I ended up staying up until 1AM photographing the trees while experimenting with lights. It was great fun, although i missed the sleep later.

As the evening progressed into morning I broke out my gel filters, and started playing with color on the lights. I have been told these are a bit over the top, but I am still fond of them. If you have a strong opinion, one way or another, feel free to let me know in comments. I need the feedback.


amadeus said...

I like the shots with the gel filters--don't think they are over the top at all. Great job!


Will said...

I share your 'fetish'. I love your captures. I haven't ever been able to produce a photo that truly captures their impact upon me, but you sure have.

OregonWild said...

Thanks to you both. I think the colored gels worked, but I always second guess later.

I wish, sometimes, that I could just "be done" and move on. It would save alot of time.

Kristina said...

Those mahogany are beautiful. I discovered them while at Sheldon NWF in Nevada last spring, but my little snapshot 35mm didn't do them justice. Your photos sure do. I like the colored gel shot, too. Do you sell your photos?
- Kristina

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