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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Damn Cute

6806MDF1 copy
6806MDF1 copy, originally uploaded by Oregon Wild.

There is a bit of a story behind this cute little fawn...

On an early morning trip near Troy Oregon, I was driving on a dirt track that was being used by logging trucks, and coming around a sharp corner what do I see? A mule deer doe and her newborn fawn - on the road. I slow to a quick stop and the doe runs off, while the fawn drops in the middle of the road and "hides" in plain sight.

I have worked around animals and biologists most of my adult life, and from experience I knew the fawn could be handled, and moved, without ill consequence if I worked quickly. Normally, I just leave wild animals alone, but I had to move the fawn off the road so it wouldn't be squashed by the next log truck.

I carefully picked up the little fellow and moved it about 30 yards into the woods, snapped a few shots with my camera, and left the scene.

The mother will call the fawn out of hiding when she perceives the coast is clear.


Jason Ertel said...

Great story behind a great shot!


kurt said...

very cute - indeed. great shot, a lovely portrait of a beautiful animal.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see people taking care of wildlife. Good job !

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