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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Results For Skunk-O-Matic

A few posts ago I reported about the remote camera that I had set up on a skunk burrow that is under a chicken coop on Sauvie Island. It turns out this little fellow was craftier than I gave him credit for, and we had an epic battle of wits. First he was curious about my gear, and actually reset the focus on my primary lens. Then my master flash failed, and for several nights he busily tripped the camera in the dead of night resulting in many dozens of black frames. Finally, after I reset the focus and recharged the flash – the skunk, in a tactical master stroke, decided to exit the burrow ass first.

However he underestimated
my determination, and he finally decided to cooperate and let me get a few shots.

Camera 1
12906SKn2 copy

Camera 2
12906SKn1 copy

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