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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Snake and Rat (Cat and Mouse)

I am still trying to catch up on all of the images I created this last summer and fall, and just yesterday I was working on images of ord's kangaroo rats that I photographed in the Painted Hills Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. This is a spectacular place to visit, and I really enjoyed my little hike into the desert to photograph these kangaroo rats (they aren't really rats, but that is a story for another day).

I actually need to get better images of these little guys, but I do find this image interesting since it is a good example of their bi-pedal method of locomotion.

71606OKR1 copy

One evening, after I had just finished setting up for the kangaroo rats, Just a few yards away I ran into this patient rattlesnake, apparently just waiting for evening to fall and the hunt to begin.

71506RN3 copy

Kangaroo rats are charismatic and generally easy going members of the rodent family. I occasionally forget that, for them, death could be just around the next shrub.


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