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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fan Palm (Livistona endauensis)

In Malyasia there is a rare, endemic palm that survives in a few small patches. I was on the trail to another destination, and it was something of a grueling climb. Leeches were all over my arms and legs. My guide pointed out the palms, and even though it was threatening to rain – and the light was fading (and hiking these trails at dusk is a bad idea because of the bengal tigers who's prints were clearly visible all along the trail), I decided to take a few moments to set up my tripod and compose a few frames...

Livistona endauensis, fan palm tree,

Livistona endauensis, a very rare fan palm tree

Rare fan palm trees (Livistona endauensis)

Livistona endauensis in the malaysian jungle

tiger footprint
tiger footprint nearby

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