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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Photography As Adventure

I went to a talk featuring Susan Seubert, a photographer I have always admired. One point she hit on, that rang true for me, is that photography provides an enriching life experience that is hard to match. It may not be easy, it might even be heart wrenching – but it provides an impetus to meet incredible people, hear amazing stories, and travel to places that are new and challenging.

There are hundred different ways the camera can lead to exploration, from life on a miniature scale – to a grand landscape. From learning something new and technical, to appreciating the simplicity and color of a garden flower.

It is something I am thankful for, and acutely aware of how lucky I have been to travel this path.

Humid Jungle
ecuadorian cloud forest

snowy forest
winter forest in the oregon coastal mountain range

Endau Rompin Rainforest
endau-rompin national park, malaysia

hart mountain
hart-mountian national antelope refuge

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